Building capacity of children with special needs in our public schools

Since 2007, The Gary Walden Fund has raised almost $500,000.00 which has all gone towards projects and programs for special needs students within public schools.

Supported Programs & Projects

Some Examples

Mainsbridge Public School

Music Therapy Program

Mainsbridge School received a grant from the Gary Walden Trust. The funds were used to provide Music Therapy for all classes Kindergarden to Year 12, by qualified music therapists from The Rhythm Village.


The experience of music therapy has had significant impact on the  levels of functioning and wellbeing of the many students involved.

Campbelltown East Public School

Outdoor Learning Environment

With a grant from the Gary Walden Trust Campbelltown East Public School  built the Outdoor Learning Environment you can see in these pictures. The area provides gross motor, tactile and sensory play activities in a supported social environment.


With Gary Walden Trust grant money the school is also also planning to erect shade over their sandpit, decorate the Outdoor Learning Environment and garden with recycled bottle top art and continue to build the sensory experiences for students.

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